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All future is about US. Not ME, not HIM, but WE together can create difference, push technology and make the world better.

WeFund Ventures follows the whole way of innovations – uniting people, teams, data, technologies.

WE believe that just working together WE will succeed.

Join us!

Join us!
Future is here and now

Wefund Ventures is

early stage venture firm which targeted prominent projects with disruptive ideas and outstanding teams.


"future is here

and now"

venture firm

WeFund has highly efficient syndicate funding structure: that allows to mobilize substantial funds thus keeping great flexibility and speed.

WeFund fully respects regulatory requirements and advises everybody to do the same. Not because we are legal nerds but because it is necessary for successful project development.

WE follow “clever-money” approach: except funding you may get valuable guidance from our team. Meanwhile we don’t require to use services of our related businesses. We just make everything for our joint success.

WeFund operates acceleration fund which provides financing on very early stages.


we are looking


Sectors of our interest:




Big data




Enterprise solutions

Augmented reality/virtual reality

WeFund targets early-stages prominent projects with disruptive ideas and outstanding teams

Our Intersts

Team &


Wefund is the team of outstanding people who are true professionals.


Some of us are tech geeks and other part are stubborn business attire followers but all of us are 

passionate towards their work and future.


Alex Skubenko

Venture investor, IT entrepreneur, banker

WeFund Venture partner and CEO

Former high-rank investment banker, Alex follows the idea to make future-defining technologies happen - according to him "precisely selected and smartly financed". For more than a decade Alex co-founded or financed multiple IT projects, funded or attracted over the billion dollars.


Likes smart and passionate people, French cuisine and dogs.


Specialization: agritech, big data, blockchain

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Team & leadership
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